Outdoor Living

A sun room is attached or integrated into your home or business allowing you to enjoy the outdoors while being sheltered from bad weather. Also known as a solarium or Florida room, sun rooms let you take advantage of a scenic view, or collect sunlight for warmth and light.

Cozy Up to The Fire

The simple addition of a fire can transform any ordinary room into a great room –and now the same is true for the great outdoors. Imagine having a warm crackling fire outside on a cool summer night while you entertain in your backyard.  Turn your existing patio into a cozy nook. Or, design an entire outdoor entertainment area around the magic of fire.  Other warming solutions include:

  • Outdoor fireplace (wood or gas)
  • Patio campfire
  • Gas fire pit
  • Fire Table (table with a fire pit built in)
  • Firewall (a space saving self-contained design that can be placed in your backyard)

Three Season Rooms

Deciding to build a sun room is more then just putting a structure on your house, it is a commitment to a way of living. A way that includes sun, health and nature in your life. No more dark damp basements or cramped family rooms. Embrace the open air feeling and panoramic views of a wonderful sun room. Don’t be surprised if it becomes your favorite room in the house. With a three season sun room, you can enjoy the fresh air and the outdoors in the early spring and late fall as well.  A three season room will increase your property value and expand the usefulness of your recreational areas.

We offer:

  • Screens
  • Single pane glass
  • Horizontal roller windows, single hung, casement, picture and awning style
  • French doors (single or double action), sliding glass doors, or swing doors

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