Gas Logs

Real-Fyre Gas Logs are made of superior refractory ceramics, expanded shales and aggregates and use an advanced calcium aluminate binder.

Log Configurations

Below are a mere sampling of the countless direct vent log configurations.

fp1 fp2 fp3 fp4

This combination of materials, pre-fired in a rotary kiln, provides:

  • Steel reinforcements add strength
  • Better rheology (flow rate)
  • Better log texture, stronger
  • Fewer “bug holes”
  • Able to withstand heat over time with higher refactoriness
  • Real-Fyre logs won’t break down
  • Provides more radiant heat while on or off
  • Radiates more heat and provides a cleaner burn
  • Lower iron content helps logs retain their original color

Fireplace Remote Control Systems

Peterson makes lighting and extinguishing Real-Fyre Gas Logs the ultimate in convenience. Control systems are easy to install and use no electricity. Built-in safety feature shuts off gas flow should pilot flame go out. All Peterson control systems utilize valves certified by CSA. Remote Control Systems include wireless remote control, receiver, CSA certified safety valve, heat shield and pilot assembly.