Casement Windows

hopperLike doors, casement windows pivot on hinges. This window style often opens outward and is operated with a hand-crank. Generally casement windows are tall and narrow. Wide wall openings usually feature several. Take advantage of larger openings in your home to let in more natural light while maintaining an efficient barrier against harsh winter elements. Casement windows provide clean sight-lines. Discreet folding handles and rotary gear operators allow easy opening and closing to enjoy fresh air or block harsh weather. Locks that engage at multiple points make the closure safe and secure. Each venting sash has a full screen that removes easily to the inside.

Awning Window

awningAn awning window is similar to a casement window as it also opens on a hinge. The main difference between a casement window and an awning window is that an awning window opens horizontally rather than vertically. This  somewhat limits how far it can be opened. One benefit of this set-up, however, is that awning windows can often be left open during storms because the open pane deflects rainfall.

Hopper Window

Essentially the same as an awning window, a hopper window opens at the top rather than the bottom similar to a door swinging. For obvious reasons, this style does not direct rain away from the interior. Hopper windows are energy efficient, attractive, innovative and durable. They are opened by means of hinges rather than sliding or lifting.

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