Direct Vent Fireplace

In 1987, the 6000 Series introduced direct vent technology, making it the most sought after gas fireplace on the market. Today, the 6000 Series still combines beautiful design with the latest innovations, plus an impressive selection of mantels, fronts and finishes. All at a range of prices for every type of project and any size budget. The best just keeps getting better.

Fireplace Accent Lighting

Adds year-round ambiance with or without fire.


Our exclusive, state-of-the-art IntelliFire ignition system reduces gas consumption and thermo-generator wear by providing a pilot flame only when needed. It also supplies a backup battery system to run the fireplace during a power outage.

Healthy Hearth

Falls Glass’ direct vent fireplaces feature a sealed combustion chamber that draws in fresh air from outdoors and discards all combustion by-products back outside. Recognized by the American Lung Association Health House program as a Clean Air Choice.

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