Endless Services with a World of Possibilities

Located in Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin, Falls Glass Service has grown to encompass much more than just glass. In addition to window installation and repair, they also install and services doors, fireplaces, locks, awnings, railings, mirrors, and shower enclosures.

Problem Solvers

A second-generation family run business, Falls Glass Service is a full service company.  In-house experts (not subcontractors) fix sticky sliding patio doors, repair non-working window crank-outs and adjust fireplaces to burn cleaner and safer. They even service products purchased outside of Falls Glass.

Custom Solutions

Occasionally, a home or business will have a unique need.  This may be replacing glass in an unusual window size or shape, or repairing a screen on an oversized/undersized door. You name it.  We fix it.  Contact Falls Glass Service to discuss your needs.

Let Falls Glass Service surprise you with the solutions we come up with!